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Hi, my name is Caroline!
Caroline Portrait ovalKeep reading and I’ll introduce myself and explain what this site is about…

I am a thirty-something girl who, having been made redundant from a ‘career cage’ job in IT, is now in the midst of my second** Thrisis*. I have jettisoned the chains of the corporate world and am bravely (stupidly?) diving into a new world centred around my triumvirate of passions: photography, motorsport and travel.  It’s a story with no ending, and I have no idea where it will lead, but if you want to follow my rollercoaster journey then you’ve come to the right place!

Please enjoy browsing my photos on the site and if you want to know more about my story – for example how this Photo Blog came about or what happened when I lost my job – I suggest you start with Chapter 1: How I started

* Thrisis: a term coined by my school friends to describe those life events that happen in your 30’s when you’re too young for it to be classed as a mid-life crisis.  So instead we have a thirties crisis, or Thrisis.  

**My first Thrisis – at at the age of 30 – involved me changing jobs to take advantage of being paid to work in far flung locations such as Finland and South Korea and buying a convertible Porsche.  The job didn’t last that long, but the Porsche did!

Walk with me on my journey of photographic exploration

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