Welcome to my new website/blog/photoblog/blogsite…

Caroline Portrait ovalHello! So this is a foray into the unknown for me, and I’m interested to see where it leads…  I’ve created this site as a bit of an experiment in creating an online portfolio of my favourite photos and a blog charting my journey from a ‘career cage’ chicken in IT to creating my own made-to-measure career.

This is inspired by my work on Marianne Cantwell’s Free Range Human course, which I’ve been following since I got made redundant in May and which is helping me figure out what I want to do next.   As you might read on my About Me page, I am going through a bit of a “Thrisis” at the moment and ditching the corporate world of suits and consultancy and 12 hour days in favour of a lifestyle hopefully much richer in the things I value: family, friends, support, love, laughter, fresh air and chocolate (hahaha, I had to throw that one in there – anyone who knows me will be smiling right now!).  And I think I’m going to choose photography as my ‘base’.

So I hope you enjoy the photos I’ll be posting on here  and please let me know which ones you like! It’ll help me figure out what sort of photography I may choose to pursue as part of my new Free Range career.

Walk with me on my journey of photographic exploration