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Looking to Heaven


Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See, better known as Seville Cathedral, taken October 2017

I like this upwards angle, framed by the lampost and tree.¬† I went inside and around the cathedral, and from wherever you stand you seem to always find yourself looking up.¬† Maybe that’s something to do with this being the third largest church in the world – and technically the world’s largest cathedral, as the other two (Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida¬†in Brazil and ¬†St. Peter’s Basilica¬†in London) aren’t the seat of bishops.

In fact, it was inside this cathedral¬†that I broke my sunglasses: they fell off the top of my head when I looked up at the huge golden altar inside.¬† The fall didn’t break them, but me stepping back to find them and subsequently standing on them did!